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Managed IT

Have your own IT department without breaking the bank. We understand that you need a partner you can trust to manage your IT needs, so you can focus on what you do best, building your business. Our advanced remote monitoring software is your virtual technician, and will alert our local helpdesk about potential system errors. We continually improve our services and systems so you benefit from improving technology. And our automated reports will keep you on track with the work we are doing behind the scenes.

Computer Chip

Included Services

EC Mates provides premier managed support that reduces your IT expenditure, removes the headache of managing day to day IT support issues and improving prodcutivity. EC Mates ensures you have the basic services to keep workstations and servers secure, and notify us of any imminent problems using the following services:

Automated Software Patch Management

Audtomated downloading and installing of Windows bug fixes, service packs and critical security patches to resolve known issues, product enhancements and security exploitations. These updates may require a machine restart to be applied and will be scheduled outside of business hours to avoid disruption.

Automated Virus Threat Detection and Response

Continued monitoring of alert notifications by antivirus software provided by EC Mates, advising us of infections, definition update failures and unprotected machines. If a threat is detected, the advanced software will automatically apply mitigations and alert our helpdesk to investigate and remove the threat.

Automated Performance Monitoring

When the available free space on a hard drive becomes less than a set threshold, the system is using all its available RAM, or a CPU fan stops spinning, an alert will be sent to the helpdesk. If not attended to, the system will become slow and possibly unresponsive, potentially leading to data loss or corruption.

Access to the Local Helpdesk for Remote Support

Staff members may call or email the helpdesk during business hours to resolve an issue. This is work that the Technician is required to perform remotely or onsite, in addition to the automated tasks above. This is particularly useful for user related issues such as email or login access.

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