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Soldering Repairs for Laptops & Phones in Perth

Expert Soldering Repairs for Charging Points & More


EC Mates in Joondalup provides comprehensive device repair services, including smartphones, laptops, and computers. Our experienced technicians excel at handling intricate repairs, ensuring a quick turnaround. As technology advances and devices shrink, we specialize in precise soldering techniques for delicate components like motherboards and logic boards. At EC Mates, we particularly focus on soldering repairs for charging ports, addressing issues when they become loose or damaged, hindering proper charger connection. Trust us for reliable and efficient solutions to keep your devices functioning smoothly.

Our team have years of experience with micro-soldering repairs for smartphones, laptops and computers so that even the most delicate internal components are correctly handled. With our comprehensive service offering covering all types of devices, we can diagnose any issue quickly, no matter how complex it is


We understand your device's importance to you; that’s why we strive for excellence in our repairs and exceptional customer service. Contact us today if you want information on soldering repair services –we promise a quick response!

Need help with complex soldering for your device? Our expert technicians are here to provide you with the highest quality service.

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